Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hot Deal: Allnet-Flat & Sony Xperia ZL Android Smartphone for ~10€ per month. Save ~135€

  • Allnet-Flat & Sony Xperia ZL Android Smartphone for ~10€ per month 
  • Monthly price: 9.99€, Minimum contract duration: 24 months
  • 1€ (one time payment for Sony Xperia ZL Android Smartphone)
  • Connection fee (~30€) will be reimbursed if you send an SMS using the new SIM card with text 'AP frei' to the number 8362 (within 6 weeks of receiving SIM card)
  • Effective Price calculation (in 2 years):  9.95€ * 24 months + 1€ (one-time payment) = ~241€
  • No sim-lock or network lock. You are free to use your own sim
Tariff highlights:
  • All-net talk-time flat-rate: Call any mobile network & land-line in Germany for free 
  • SMS : 19 cents per SMS
  • For detailed information on tariff, select the deal and click on 'Tarifdetails einblenden'
  • Note: This tariff does not include Internet option. So it is best to change the settings of the phone not to use Sim internet to save costs
  • Note: After 24 months, your contract will extend automatically. If you do not want auto-extension, cancel it on time (at least 3 months before the end of the contract)
Smartphone highlights:
  • 5-inch Full-HD Smartphone
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • With this mobile SIM contract, you get phone for 1€ and contract price for 2 years is ~240€ (see above calculation)
  • Without mobile SIM contract, phone alone costs ~375€. Save ~135€ and additionally get All-net flatrate


  1. it possible to terminate the contract in middle and pay the remaining months amount in advance?

  2. No, It is never possible in Germany. But you can do one thing you change the bank account details to some one who stay here for loner duration and pay it that person. So it will easy for you also.


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