Thursday, August 22, 2013

User request: Article on Taking loans in Germany

  • Sometime back we posted an article on taking a bank loan in Germany. One of our reader from Braunschweig requested to re-post the article. 
  • With the current exchange rate scenario, user may find it useful to take loan for possibly investing in India
  • Note that there is no guarantee on profits as  inflation and currency value plays a major role. Read the complete article and Reader Comments on the article
  • Use the loan calculator tools to find out interest rate and monthly repay amount
  • If you are looking for any deal or article appeared in the dealbitte website in the past, then use the search function (see right sidebar top)

Loan Calculators
Bank Loan Calculator/
Loan Application
Targo Bank Kredit
DKB Kredit
Noris Bank Kredit
Postbank Kredit
Volkswagen Bank
Creditplus Bank (works in IE)
Barclaycard Kredit

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