Friday, January 25, 2013

DocMorris: On-line medical shop that costs lesser than off-line medical shops (Apotheke)

  • DocMorris is on-line medical shop to buy medicines with and without prescription
  • To buy medicine that requires prescription, select the medicine, add it to the shipping cart and proceed to check-out. At the end, you will get a PDF file with list of medicine that you want to order
  • Print this PDF and along with the original prescription, send it to DocMorris in an envelope
  • You can print the above image (from here) and paste it on the envelope for DocMorris to the postage
  • More than 1200 products at least 20% cheaper or with up to 50% discount
  • As a new customer, you will not incur shipping cost for your first order
  • If you are an existing customer, no shipping cost for a minimum order of 20€
  • For instance, get Thermoval Classic Digital thermometer for ~4€
  • Tip: Before ordering, compare the price with your nearby offline medical shop (Apotheke)

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