Sunday, July 15, 2012

O2 flat-rate + Germany landline flat-rate effectively for free

  • Tarif: Direct Flat M
  • Calls to O2 mobiles and Germany landlines effectively for free (see below)
  • Contract duration: 24 months
  • Price calculation:
    1. 24 months * 20€ per month = 480€ 
    2. Every month (for 24 months) Talkline (mobilcom-debitel) will give 12.01€ discount and Sparhandy will reimburse 7.99€ 
    3. So effective monthly price is 0€ (20€ - 12.01€ -7.99€)

Do not forget:
  • Get the connection fee (~30€) waived by sending an sms with text AP frei to 8362 within 6 weeks of contract approval
  • From the 25th month onwards,  regular price (20€) will apply and no reimbursements. If you don't want the sim, cancel at least 3 months before the end of 24 months contract 
  • Certains options may be enabled by default and if so are free only for fixed time. Cancel these additional options (like MultiMedia-Pack, Rechnungschecker) to save additional cost. You can use website like, to generate cancellation letter for talkline who is awarding the contract. Or here is an example template,

"Sehr geehrte/er,
Ich möchte meinen Vertrag für die MultiMedia-Pack, Rechnungschecker und alle etwaigen weiteren Tarifoptionen zu kündigen. Ich habe kein Interesse an weiteren Testoptionen.
Mobilfunknummer: ______________________
Name und Anschrift : ______________________
Bitte senden Sie mir eine schriftliche Bestätigung dieser Kündigung unter Angabe des Beendigungszeitpunktes zu

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