Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Top deal: Mobile internet flat-rate (500 MB) free for 24 months

  • Update: Offer expired
  • An excellent offer from eteleon with no risks
  • Get a Mein Base sim card with internet flat-rate for free
  • Internet speed reduces after 500 MB of data download
  • No one time connection fee
  • Monthly payment: 11€. Therefore in 2 years, you will pay 264€ (24 * 11€) 
  • Eteleon will pay back 264€ approximately 8 weeks after sim activation. So the effective price is  0€
  • If you want to use the sim card to access internet on your laptop, pay 25€ (one time payment) and get a surf stick
  • Remember to cancel the contract after 2 years (better to send a cancellation after you get the reimbursement of 264€). Otherwise from the 25th month onwards you have to pay 11€ per month

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