Friday, April 20, 2012

Unbelievable offer: Get Smart phones for just 1€ without any risks. Effective monthly price is 0€

Update: Offer expired. 
  • Get a Smartphone for very low price with a mobile contract that is completely free. For instance, get HTC Explorer for 1€ Euro (Next Best Price:~127€), Nokia C5-03 nur 1€ (NBP:~95€),  Motorola Defy Mini for 9€ (NBP:~160€) , Samsung Galaxy S Plus for 133€ (NBP:~256 €) , Motorola RAZR for 149€ (NBP:~381€)  and many more to choose from.
  • An offer from sparhandy
  • Talkline Extra Duo contract with 2 sim cards, pay 9.95€ per month per sim card (2 * 9.95€)
  • Sparhandy will reimburse each month (2 * 9.95€). So effective contract price is 0€
  • Connection fee will be refunded by sending an SMS with text "AP frei" to 8362. Send this SMS from each sim card once
  • No additional options are enabled and hence no risk
  • All phones are without simlock

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