Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekend deals overview: Laptop, External hard disk, Vegetable cutter, Satellite receiver

  1. Offer on 4 different products valid until Monday 10:00 hrs
  2. Use the voucher code to get the discount price. Free shipping cost. If the voucher code  MP10RABATT does not work, use the alternative voucher
  3. Mr. Easy Onion Cutter or Vegetable Cutter for 5€. Next best price: ~7€ Voucher code: OHA1GEM√úSE
  4. Top Deal: Seagate 1.5TB external hard drive (USB powered, 2.5", USB 3.0) for ~114€. Next best price: ~144€ Voucher code: MP10RABATT or OHA3SEAGATE
  5. Comag HD HDTV Satellite Receiver  for ~49€. Next best price: ~59€ Voucher code: MP10RABATT or OHA4COMAG
  6. Top Deal:  HP ProBook laptop with Inter i5 for ~630€. Next best price: at least 704€ Voucher code:  MP10RABATT or OHA26560B

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