Sunday, December 18, 2011

Internet / DSL current offers - Overview

  • Currently there are several providers of Internet service. Few of these providers offer discount until 31.12.2011 or until 01.01.2012. 
  • Availability of internet connection varies with the location. Most of these providers provide a tool for availability check. You can enter your address and/or telephone code of your area to get to know the provider availability in your area.
  • Based on your needs, select your provider from the list below.  
  • Before deciding on the service provider, you can compare the prices for your region in the following price comparison websites
Internet Comparison by check24
by toptarif
Other Comparisons e.g. electricity, gas, car insurance by check24
by toptarif

Option 1: Alice

Option 2: Vodafone

Option 3: 1 & 1

Option 4: Telekom

Option 5: Kabel Deutschland

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